We offer quality services at competitive prices. Photocraft Imaging, Inc. prices are subject to change without notice. Our minimum charge per bag is $5.00. Download our catalog for more information.
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We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and checks presented with proper I.D. There is a $25.00 fee for all returned checks. We do not accept counter checks. We reserve the right to refuse a check from anyone.

Changes to an Order

There is a fee to change, add to, or cancel an order once it is in production. Please be sure of your order.

Delivery Schedule

Allow 3 days for proof orders and 5 days for reprint orders through size 11x14. Allow 5 days for digital and 10 days for film package orders. Add 1-2 additional days for the following: special crop orders, mounting services, die cutting and spray, and portrait orders 16x20 and larger. These are estimated times, not to be considered a guaranteed delivery date. Work turned in after 1:00 p.m. is logged in on the next business day. For quickest return, have your order bags filled out completely. Always fill in your phone number and include your address so we may contact you for questions. If you want a call when the order is ready, please check the indicated box on the bag. Also, include your email address if you wish to be notified via email.

Limit of Liability

Submitting any tangible or electronic media, image, data, file, card, disc, device, film, print, slide, or negative for any purpose, such as processing, printing, duplication, alteration, enlargement, storage, transmission, or other handing, constitutes and agreement that any loss or damage to it by our company, subsidiary or agents, even though by our negligence or other fault, will only entitle you to replacement with an equivalent quantity/size of unexposed photographic film or electronic media, and processing of the replacement media. Except for such replacement , our acceptance of the media, image, data, file, card, disc, device, film, print, slide or negative is without other liability, and recovery for any incidental or consequential damages is excluded. No express or implied warranty is provided.

Rush Service

We understand that sometimes you may need delivery of an order before we would normally return it to you. Rush service guarantees your order will be returned to you when requested. This service is available to our customers for an extra charge based on how quickly the order is needed. For orders containing one print size, the rush charges are as follows:
Turn Around Rush Charge
Same Day
(Must be in lab by noon) 200%
Next Day (24 hours) 150%
Two Day (48 hours) 100%
Please call our customer service for quotes on orders containing more than one size. Rush charges are added to the normal cost of the order and your initials on the bag are required
for this service.


Toco Color Imaging can supply you with mailers, insuring first class delivery to our door in Tucker, Georgia. We return orders by UPS in specially constructed boxes of heavy cardboard to protect your prints and negatives. If a special method of delivery is desired, please let us know and include the correct charges.

Orders not sent prepaid will be shipped C.O.D.

Any overpayment will be issued an authorized credit voucher. Underpayments receive a debit and are due upon receipt. Underpayments of more than $10.00 will be returned C.O.D. for the difference. Orders over $50.00 are shipped free. Orders under this amount incur a $5.00 shipping fee. Orders with a print that is 16x20 or larger require a $9.00 shipping fee. The C.O.D. fee is $9.00 and is in addition to any shipping charges. We also accept payment by credit card over the telephone. Toco is not responsible for the loss, damage or delay of orders caused by the US Postal Service, UPS or other shipping companies.


Glassines, cropping cards, order bags and prepaid mailers are available at no charge through customer service. Supplies for sale include polybags, cardboard and removable low-tack tape. Please call for current pricing.


We print all work on E surface paper which has a fine grain pebble texture. This gives your prints a professional look and feel, showing minimal finger printing.

Guide Prints

For best reprint color, please enclose a guide print and indicate this on the order envelope. If one is not available, please let us know generally how you would like your prints color and density. For standard color and density, guide prints may be left on file. Remakes for color will not be accepted unless a guide was included with the original order. We use your print as a guide print to match unless noted on your order envelope. If indicated, we will match your print for an additional 100% of the print cost, when possible. This service is only available when supplying a proof of the same negative being ordered.


In the case of a remake, include the following in a new order envelope: the original envelope, glassine, negative and prints in the condition they were received. We must have this important information in order to reproduce your remake within 48 hours. Remakes at no charge must be returned within 30 days of the invoice date with all pertinent information included. Once an order is invoiced the information for that order is held for 30 days. After that time any remakes will be charged and scheduled as new orders. Remakes returned within the time period but not having all the information will be held until it is provided. For remakes due to shipping damage, call the Customer Service department for the correct procedures.

Digital File Requirements   

Because digital photography is in its infancy and Toco Color Imaging is an experienced digital photo lab, we offer simple guidelines for submission of your digital photographs. Toco can print from files in tiff or jpg format. It is strongly suggested that you keep the original file and send us a copy. Larger file sizes yield better quality prints. If you want to print larger than an 8x10, the tiff should be over 20 megs in size. Oftentimes customers will shoot a jpg and will then make changes to the file, saving it one or more times over. This is not an acceptable practice. Jpg files are compressed files for space storage and emailing, but they are not intended to be an editable format. It is most important that you do not edit a jpg image unless you save it in tiff format first. We have noticed flat, blown out color, random color blotches and jagged edges from jpgs that have been saved one or more times.

To match our system, set your Photoshop® color settings RGB working space as sRGB. When saving a tiff file, save it 8 bit, rgb or grayscale, without LZW compression. If you are working in a Macintosh® or Linux® environment, make sure to save the file extension at the end (.tiff, .jpg) as we work in a Windows® environment and we might not be able to figure out how to open your files! Also, do not use any symbols such as a tilde (~) slash (/ or \), pound mark (#), parentheses or question mark in the file name or the name of the CD or we won’t be able to read them. Files should not be more than 31 characters including extension. If you work in Photoshop®, Corel®, The Gimp® or any other raster-based programs, send only flattened tiff or jpg images to us. This will save room in your media and speed up output times.

Inquire about having your monitor calibrated to match our system. Lab policy is to always strive for good skin tones unless we are told otherwise. Toco accepts digital images via email, FTP, CD-Rom, floppy disks, compact flash, and smart media. There is a $5.00 media charge to open digital files.

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